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byChallaF (Logo 1) 250 x 150.png

Challa L. Fletcher

Arkansas | United States


    Ether Fire

    Fire reign when cords play;

    Orange flames in raptures way.

    Music of strings and screams of man;

    From Heaven, from Hell, the angels ran.

    Blush pink and copper tones;

    Golden fleece and bare toes roam.

    Perch and statured on the Earth;

    Fingers pluck at all with worth.

    “I am sorry, I wish no harm,”

    She meekly says with outstretched arms.

    “My strings must play when time is nigh;

    It moves through the Earth and through the sky.”

    “It burns through the ether, above and below;

    Cleansing Olympus and the river Charon rows.

    My choice can not change it, this task I must complete;

    Now it shall all burn such as my music sheets.”

    Music scorch the soul of all;

    Touching places, big or small.

    None escapes the glow so bright;

    Your righteous wrong or sanctimonious right.

    So come and listen to the last song play;

    That brings the up and down much dismay.

    Nothing survives the cords of her music sheets;

    What remains is only Uncertainty.

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